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When you see a roof-related leak, call LeakTracker™ by Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group. Our emergency leak service manages the process from the moment you report a leak until it is repaired. All clients of Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group have access to LeakTracker™, our emergency leak tracking service. LeakTracker™ protects all of the buildings in your portfolio and is available nationwide 24/7, 365 days a year.

Here’s what LeakTracker™ includes for each of your properties:
•  We will dispatch an experienced, pre-qualified and properly insured roofer anywhere in Canada.
•  We provide a complete history of all roof leaks on your buildings.
•  We provide copies of each roofer’s report, including photographs.

This gives our clients a thorough history of all roofing repairs and expenditures. Our clients can access all of the above information 24 hours a day through our secure, password protected client portal.

Leak Investigations

If you experience water pooling on your roof or see staining on your ceiling tiles, we’ll send one of our certified, professionally trained leak inspection experts to diagnose the issue. We will identify the leak source and recommend the proper procedure to repair it.

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