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Protecting your roof is protecting your investment. That’s why working with a Roof Consultant and getting an unbiased, expert third party to oversee the process – just makes sense. We protect your interest and your budget.

Saving you time and money.

Trust the Experts.

With over 30 years proven success, Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group is one of Canada’s leading roof and building envelope consulting firms. We specialize in industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential buildings.

Our Highly accredited, extensively trained experts provide on-site, in-person inspections and testing. Offering coast to coast coverage and superior service.

Trust Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group and let us protect YOU and your roof.

Inspect. Correct. Protect. It’s What We Do.



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Roof Condition Assessment

Roof Condition Assessment.

Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group will conduct a roof condition assessment, a full visual analysis, that prioritizes repair verses replacement projects. Not all roofs need to be replace and we can help.

Our experts will identify any issues and provide you with the recommendations and projected costs you need to repair, protect and maintain you roof. Using the highest quality roofing specialists to get the job done right.

Protect Your Assest. Starting now.


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