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What We Do

Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group is an independent, 3rd party roof and building envelope consultant that works directly for our clients. Our commitment to our clients is to inspect, correct and protect their building and its various components.

We develop customized strategic plans for our clients. Each client portfolio is unique, therefore our approach is flexible; offering plans and strategies that fit their needs. Our services reflect our client’s requirements and are focused on preventative, budget conscious maintenance programs that increase the long-term integrity of roofs and building structures.

We believe in competitive bidding between qualified contractors as well as ensuring the use of high quality, and cost-effective products. This provides a better opportunity for cost-savings and specific solutions for our client’s concerns.

Inspect. Correct. Protect. It’s what we do.

Building Envelope Consulting

From the foundation and dampproofing to the air barriers and walls, we consider your building envelope from the ground up.

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Roofing Consulting

A roofing consultant’s role is to provide quality control and protection. We protect your investment, your interests and the integrity of your project.

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Inspection And Testing

We offer a wide range of building envelope inspection and testing services ranging from underslab inspection to fireproofing.

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Project Management

Need help managing your projects? We offer complete roof and building envelope project management scopes for our clients.

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Specification Packages

From system selection to site specification reviews, we offer a full list of services and packages for roofing contractors and tender roof contracts from start to finish.

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Leak Investigations

A leak investigation is conducted to determine the source of a leak in a building. Our team employs a variety of tests and procedures to confirm the source of the leak. Our experienced personnel conduct a visual inspection at the location and water testing can be employed to confirm the leak source.

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Leak Tracker

Roofing and roof maintenance can be complicated and expensive undertakings.  Finding a reliable contractor to handle your roof leak calls quickly can be a challenge, and keeping track of your maintenance costs can be time-consuming and a considerable endeavour.

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Roof Condition Reports

At Tri-Tech Pinnacle, we offer roof condition reports for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings of all shapes and sizes.

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Green Roofing

Green roofs are a great way of reducing a building’s environmental footprint, and can offer a variety of savings for a company. With our proven track record and expertise, we’ve demonstrated the benefits of green roofing over the years.

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Infrared Thermography

Is your roof or building not retaining heat? Our infrared thermography scans can help diagnose the problem.

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Building Ladders and Roofing Anchors

Building ladders and roof anchors can be easily overlooked, but both are critical in maintaining workers safety and preventing accidents. For buildings and properties that contain these important safety features, it’s essential to ensure that they are code compliant and regularly inspected.

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Contact Us

For more information on any of our roofing and building envelope services, contact us today at (905) 503-1300. We’re here to help!

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