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Asphalt Paving Projects

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A parking lot is a ground level asset that is accessed
by customers, tenants, deliveries and more. Issues or
deficiencies with asphalt are visible and can negatively
impact the traffic flow and create liabilities.

Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group offers full service 3rd party
consulting for our clients for their parking lot paving
projects. Our project management includes a parking
lot condition assessment, specification package with
contractor tendering and quality control inspections.

The Process:

  • Condition Assessment – During the assessment any concerns and/ or deficiencies that may exist are noted, then photos are compiled within a report. We include recommendations to repair or replace the parking lot. Including rationale for the decision. Detailed multiyear budgeting figures are also included.
  • Specification/Design – The specification package includes a detailed scope of work and procedurals for the contractor to follow.
  • Tender Call – Our tender services secure competitive biddings from professional contractors who are qualified to complete the project to industry standards.
  • Quality Control Inspections – These inspections ensure the contractor is adhering to the scope of work, health and safety protocols as well and completing the project within the contracted timeline and budget.
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