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Building Envelope Consulting

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What Is The Role Of A Building Envelope Consultant?

Building costs are often discussed, but do you know how much your building could potentially cost you?

Consider your building envelope from the ground up. The foundation, dampproofing, waterproofing, air barrier, tie-ins, walls/wall openings, windows and roof all make up your building envelope. This is a pretty extensive list of places where success or failure could make or break your project.

Having your building envelope inspected during construction is crucial for peace of mind, not to mention your building’s integrity and your budget. Unbiased, third party inspection provides you with assurance that you are in fact getting what you paid for and that the work is being completed properly.

Once your building is complete, any mistakes made during construction have been covered, and any issues that arise may be inconvenient, expensive, and difficult to determine and correct. Inspecting your building’s tie-ins or air barrier, for example, is not something that can be done once the façade has been completed.

Do you have tenants? Leaks, drafts and other new construction issues are not usually met with understanding by tenants, especially when a problem causes damage, discomfort or added costs. Air leakage, for example, can significantly increase your heating and cooling needs and can cause mold. Consider the needs and interest of your tenants as well.

At Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group Inc., we’re experts. Superior technical knowledge, experience, and service allow us to be one of the leading roofing and building envelope experts in the industry. We offer a wide range of inspection & testing services.

What Is Our Process?

Initial Consultation

We will meet with the architect and/or client to review the specification and scope of work. There are a multitude of testing and inspection services available to you for quality control on your new construction project

Foundation Services

Waterproofing and dampproofing inspections

Insulation and drainage mat inspections

Wall Services

Substrate condition inspections

Air vapour barrier membrane inspections

Spray-applied foam insulation inspections

Board/batt cavity wall insulation inspections

Cladding inspections

Spray foam density testing

Windows/Curtain Wall Services

Frame installation inspections

Glazing installation inspections

Air or water infiltration testing

Roof Services

Installation inspections

Final building envelope inspections

Infrared building envelop scans

Annual roof inspections

Building Interior

Underslab vapour retarder inspections

SERM/intumescent fireproofing, thickness testing and visual reviews

Learn More About Our Process

Contact Us

For more information on any of our building envelope services, contact us today at (905) 503-1300. We’re here to help!

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