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Building Ladders / Anchors

Building ladders and roof anchors can be easily overlooked, but both are critical in maintaining workers safety and preventing accidents. For buildings and properties that contain these important safety features, it’s essential to ensure that they are code compliant and regularly inspected.

Building Ladders

Did you know that 90 per cent of existing exterior wall ladders do not meet the current building code? Most of these ladders are not properly caged or fastened to the wall or are not located at the correct starting height (off the ground). Hefty fines may result where these conditions exist, but Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group Inc. can help bring your wall ladders to a code compliant status, with proper ladder design, specifications and contractor installation. All wall ladder installations are inspected and a written report is provided with an engineer’s stamp of approval.

Roof Anchors

Roof anchors are required to be inspected every two years at minimum. People’s lives depend on the security of these anchors. Proper inspections require visual observation of the condition of the anchors, as well as testing the anchor bolts and maintenance of the logbook and drawing. Upon completion of the roof anchor inspection, a written report is produced with an engineer’s stamp of approval.

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