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Inspection and Testing

Building Envelope Inspection And Testing Services

Having your building envelope inspected during construction is an important step to ensuring that your building is compliant and all systems are intact. Unbiased, third party inspection provides you with assurance that you are in fact getting what you paid for and that the work is being completed properly.

Once your building is complete, inspections and tests are crucial in case any structural issues, including costly leaks and water issues, arise. At Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group Inc., we offer a wide range of inspection & testing services. Our experts are highly trained to assess, provide consultation and deliver detailed reporting on the compliance and safety of your building enclosure systems.

Underslab Vapour Retarder Inspection

Underslab vapour retarder is installed to prevent moisture from the ground from entering the concrete slab, potentially affecting the floor coverings. Visual inspection is conducted to confirm that its installation is continuous and that all penetrations have been sealed.

Window and Curtain Wall Inspection

Window and curtain wall inspections are carried out to review the installation of the framing into the window opening to confirm that it complies with the specification.

Air Vapour Barrier Testing

Sheet membrane and spray foam are tested for cohesion and adhesion by employing specific pull tests. Thickness is measured with manual calipers, and density is calculated using water displacement analysis.

Fireproofing Testing

For intumescent testing, a Posi-Tector 6000 is used to measure the thickness of coatings on non-ferrous surfaces. For cementitious testing, thickness is determined with digital calipers and density is calculated based on area, weight, and moisture content. Adhesion to the substrate is analyzed with a pull test using a digital scale.


Site inspections are made prior to the roofing installation to confirm that the steel deck meets current building codes. We will ensure that all side panels are properly crimped and that all welds are coated with rust inhibiting paint.

Moisture Content Testing in Interior Walls

Site inspections are made to test the moisture content of interior concrete block walls. This test is generally used for determining whether the walls contain acceptable moisture levels for interior paint. A Tramex CMEXPERT is used to conduct this non-destructive test.

Laboratory Testing (Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis)

Samples are properly obtained from the roof (as per ASTM guidelines) and the tests are conducted at an off-site laboratory.

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