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Project Management

Complete Roof And Building Envelope Project Management

At Tri-Tech Pinnacle, we believe that the most successful projects are those done in the most effective manner, within budget and time restrictions, and that exceed customer expectations. That’s why we offer comprehensive project management services for all your roofing and building envelope needs.

Work in Progress

The roof inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with the written specifications and to confirm quality control. The work in progress will be inspected and reports will be produced describing the area where the work is being conducted, the type of work being done, the amount of work completed, and any issues encountered and their solutions.

Architect man holding pencil working with laptop and blueprints for architectural plan, engineer sketching a construction project concept.

Invoice Review

Invoices will be reviewed for accuracy and to ensure that the invoice reflects the work completed. This is especially important where progress billing has been agreed upon.

Final Roof Inspection

A final roof inspection of the completed work will be carried out by the roof consultant, the owner and the roofer. Any deficiencies will be noted and copies will be sent to all parties. Final payment will be withheld until all deficiencies are corrected to the consultant’s satisfaction.

Additional Services

  • Infrared Wall Scans
  • ASTM Testing (wind uplift, core cut analysis, etc.)
  • Specification Review
  • Data Base Asset Management – Canada Wide
  • Training Seminars
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Annual Walkover Inspections
  • Expert Witness/Legal Representation
  • Insurance Claim Reports

Contact Us

Looking for project management support? Contact your building envelope and roofing experts today at (905) 503-1300.

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