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Roof Condition Reports

At Tri-Tech Pinnacle, we offer roof condition reports for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings of all shapes and sizes. The purpose of a roof condition assessment is to determine the condition of the roof, determine the roof’s stage in its life cycle and place a dollar value on this asset. The known history of the roof is recorded, including age, leaks and maintenance performed, and a roof plan is drawn showing areas of deficiencies. Photos are taken of all defects and core cuts are made to determine the composition and condition of the roofing system.

A written condition report is produced and submitted outlining the problems, their probable cause and the ramifications if they are not corrected. Recommendations to repair or replace will also be included (if necessary), addressing options of varying cost and quality to correct the present conditions and explanations for choosing the outlined options.

Aerial view of industrial district, large factory and distribution buildings

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If you’re looking to get a roofing condition report or want more information on our roofing services, please contact us today at (905) 503-1300.

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