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Spec and Tender Packages

Specs, Drawings, Tender Documents and Scope of Work

A Tri-Tech Pinnacle Group specification and tender package is a detailed process that improves assurance that your roof repair or replacement project will adhere to industry best practices, defined budgets as well as quality control of contractors and products.

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Pre-qualification of Roofers

Roofers will be pre-qualified before being included on the bidder’s list to ensure that they are qualified to complete the work specified and that they are suitable to the material manufacturer.

System Selection

The extent of the problem, type of roof deck, use of the building, future plans of the company, weather conditions, roof traffic, budget restrictions, building codes, etc. will help determine the type of system that should be used on your building.

Material Selection & Standards

The material types will be selected according to the requirements of the system selected. There are many manufacturers of each material type. Even by specifying CGSB standards, you are not assured of proper material selection. These standards are merely the lowest common denominator. Field testing and results, as well as research, will dictate the suitability of these products for a particular project.

Customized Procedural Specifications, Drawings, & Tender Documents

All documents will be customized for your particular needs, building and site conditions. Inclusions or deletions from the general conditions and/or tender documents will be made to suit your particular requirements. The procedural roofing specifications will instruct the roofer on how this work is to proceed to achieve the best roof possible.

Site Specification Review

This meeting will review the general conditions and the scope of work in the roofing specifications. The purpose is to ensure that all roofing contractors understand the extent and the intent of the roofing specifications and to answer any questions the contractors may have. The commercial roofers will then be able to submit their tenders on an absolutely equal basis.

Review of Tenders

After the tender has closed, the tenders will be reviewed with you to analyze the prices; to see that all portions of the tenders were properly completed, signed, dated, and corporate seal embossed; to confirm that any required bid bonds were received; and to ensure that any additions, deletions, or alternatives are considered.

Pre-start Site Meeting

This meeting will establish the contractor’s working area, ensure that the on-site personnel are aware of any special dangers and/or regulations, review the scope of work with the roofer’s foreman and/or superintendent, and note the existing condition of the building, the landscaping, etc.

Health & Safety

With increasing liability to owners and their employees, roofing inspectors will pay close attention to adherence to safety regulations. Unsafe conditions may necessitate shutting down the project until the situation is rectified.

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